Winter is  the coldest season of the year. Everything gets dry, leaves fall and so might your hair if not treated right. Winter can be seriously hard on hair. Cold, dry air, harsh weather, and everything that comes with it can make your hair dehydrated and more prone to breakage than the warmer months. If your hair is feeling dry and brittle, try these tips to keep it healthy and hydrated. 

6  Tips to keep your crown healthy in winter

1. Wash your hair less during winter

Washing your hair too often during winter may harshly remove the natural oils that keep your hair soft and healthy. Try to shampoo only once a week or bi-weekly to keep your hair moisturized and clean. Remember that honestly, deep conditioners give your hair exactly what it needs during the winter, penetrating every strand with moisture and nutrients. 

2. Add moisture

Treat your hair with NativeChild’s moisturizing products such as our Hairgrowth Castor OilMilk’n’Honey Moisture CreamCoconut Oil or even the Grapeseed Oil. These are a great way to combat dry hair and keep your hair soft, healthy and growing. 

3. Avoid heat styling

As much as it’s nice to blow out, straighten, and curl your hair, it can also damage your hair. Minimize using heat on your hair all year round and even more so in winter. Heat dries hair and makes it weak and brittle.

4. Wear a satin cap or hat

When you go outside make sure you wear a hat or our stylish satin cap to keep your hair protected from cold dry air and harsh weather. Our satin cap is also a MUST for when you sleep.

5. Trimming, trimming, trimming

Trimming hair keeps it healthy and stops split ends from getting worse. Don’t be afraid to trim your hair whenever you need to. 

6. Use protective hairstyles to your advantage

Protective styles cut down the manipulation of your hair, which will prevent breakage; they tuck ends and strands safely out of the way of wind and cold air. Just make sure you protect your hairline when plaiting or doing any protective styling. 

The same way too much humidity affects your hair, too little humidity — such as what happens during winter can also affect your hair.

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