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Kids Hair Salon

Welcome to our kiddies Beauty Salon! We offer a wide range of quality services for our kiddies to feel pampered and ravishingly gorgeous.
Our Friendly and Skilled Hairstylists will ensure that your little one leaves the kids hair salon near me feeling super cool!!! like the Trendsetter she is.
Our salon is designed with igniting kiddies confidence in mind, hence we go for the best hairstyle tends in the land!!! We also offer manicure and pedicure to add a bit of royal glamour as a final statement .

Kids Hair Salon Katlehong

Our Brand is designed to inspire and embed confidence at a very young age, so , what better way to channel kiddies’ confidence than igniting their sense of Style, Uniqueness and Beauty ?
At the center of our product offerings and hair salon lye constant innovation, quality improvement and exclusivity, because we believe that kids are unique and their future is boundless.

Trendy Kids Studio provides children of all hair types with a fun and comfortable hair care experience.  Our team of stylists offer fully inclusive styling to meet the needs of each child, while building up their self esteem and self confidence, in an environment they can call their own.

We are not just good at styling but we are very knowledgeable about hair health and maintenance. Our kiddies hair studio has a very gentle touch and work so well with any kids of any age even those who hate getting their hair done! We do everything in the comfort of our kiddies salon. We ensure that your kids’ hair looks great and boost their self-confidence.

She does excellent work and has given me great tips to help our girls hair stay healthy. It’s so convenient that she comes to your home. You avoid the wait and the potential adult conversation/music of salons. She is very professional, not to mention a pleasant, happy person who you will enjoy having around!

We create new styles and looking at global trends while

keeping up with industry news. With our won kiddies studio, we had to put more effort in purchasing the industry leading equipment and interior design. These days the interior design has to be aesthetically appealing to match the excellent service our young customers receive. We have been able to create a welcoming space that embraces all sorts of hair types for kids of all ages.

What we love the most is seeing kids grow in confidence and glow with beauty when they see their new hairstyle! It’s a wonderful feeling to see. 

Trendy Kids Studio is a playfully modern full-service kiddies’ hair salon dedicated to providing the safest salon environment for kids of all ages. We offer a dynamic interactive environment for our little customers to unleash their creativity with fun. Working with kids, we discourage the use of chemical treatments and recommend the use of organic haircare products that are safe for young sensitive scalps. As there is a lot of disadvantages with the usage of non-organic chemicals, Unfortunately, non-organic hair products are full of chemicals that can have negative side effects on both your hair and scalp. And those of you who are worried about the damaging effects of such products have a point.

  • Allergies
  • Skin discolouration
  • Environmental pollution
  • Suffocation and many more…

Some alcohol substances found in many of the non-organic hair care products are quite harmful when inhaled. It can cause dizziness, nausea, and even severe headaches or vomiting. Let’s not forget to mention all the artificial fragrances, stabilisers, colours, and additives used only to make the product “look” good. They don’t have a single feature that could have a positive effect on the health of our hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the nearest trendy kid salon?
Our Salon is at 28 Jacobs Street, Chamdor. Kagiso. Johannebsurg..
Does the salon accept appointment or walk-ins only?
Both. Appointments can be set our website, facebook page or our whatsapp line 0632 398 9305.
Do you accept card or cash payments?
Both, but we encourage clients to use bank cards for safe transacting.
Where can I find information on promotions and competitions?
Information on promotions and competitions can be found here on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages

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