Kurl Care & Guide

Care Guide

The curly hair type is dryer than all other hair types and needs more care to ensure it is fully hydrated & nourished. 

Here are some useful tips.

Determine your hair porosity.

Determine your hair porosity.
To see how  the test is done click here.

Moisturise properly.
Follow the right moisture method for your hair . The right one is one that leaves your hair soft and manageable. LOC / LCO / LO / LC are methods of retaining moisture which will help keep hair moisturised for longer helping to retain length . Make sure the hair is fully hydrated before applying the oils

Take care of your scalp.
Your scalp is the garden through with your hair sprouts from. You must ensure it is clean, hydrated and nourished . Do regular massages to circulate blood.

Avoid heat at all costs. 
Its not damages your hair but your hair many not get its curls back after constant use.

Leave your hair alone. 
The more you manipulate, comb, braid, etc you’re stressing your hair out. Try to do a style that can last atleast 3 days.

Satin is your friend.
Sleep with a satin bonnet or pillow. It helps to retain length and prevents hair from mechanical damage. 

Avoid braiding more than twice a year. And never keep braids for longer than 6-8 weeks. By doing so you stand the risk of traction aloepecia / receding hairline. If the person who braids / plaits your hair, pulls, – change them.

Eat your plants & hydrate your body.
Hair comes from within and is a sign of amount of product can make up for a poor diet. A holistic approach is best.

Choose plant based.
It is better for your hair, your body. Mother nature knows best.

Hair Types

We are passionate about both Hair & Health. We developed & locally manufacture a natural-based hair care system specifically formulated for the needs of Afro, Kinky, Ethnic type hair.

Low porosity

The recommended moisture method to use is
LC – Liquid cream / or LO – Liquid oil
We recommend these products

Full LC/ LO combo, Milk n honey moisture crème, Happy hair hydrating mist, Hairgrowth castor oil, Grapeseed oil, Avocado oil, Sweet almond oil, Whipped sheabutter, Coconut oil.



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